Mega Awesome weekend at the One Love Holistic Festival

My Stall at the Festival

Well, I had been contacted to see if I wanted to have a stall at the One Love Holistic Festival, which took place last weekend at Lea Hall Miners Welfare Club, in Sandy Lane, Rugeley. I said "Yes".

I'm so glad that I did!

I met some fantastic people, made some brilliant contacts, and best of all, I had the opportunity to help people out with a few of their problems.

Pictured above is a lady called Louise. Also in the pic is a lady called Charlotte. I was at my stall on Saturday when Charlotte came along with Louise, who was shaking, shivering and in a general state of utter terror and panic. Charlotte explained that Louise was terrified of birds, in particular birds who flapped their wings. I need to point out that The Owl Man, Karl, was also at the Festival, along with around 12 different live Owls and Hawks. Karl had been walking around with an Owl on his glove, and when he went past the stall where Louise was, she had suffered a massive panic attack. Of course, Karl had no idea that his Owl would have had this effect on Louise!

Louise wanted to speak to someone, to stop this panicked state she was in, and so Charlotte brought her to me. Louise told me that she couldn't even look at a painting on the other side of the room which had a picture of a Raven in it. I sat with Louise for around 15 minutes, during which I did a Visual/Kinaesthetic Dissociation Technique (the magic!), and calmed her down. She left me feeling happy, and even went and sat underneath the painting with the bird in it!

Charlotte had asked Louise on Saturday, to see if she could get close to the birds, who were on the stage, and see if she could stroke one of them. Louise had flatly refused.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I arrived at the Festival on Sunday morning to find Louise sitting on the stage, glove on hand, and holding a European Eagle Owl, and even stroking it's chest! She actually handled 6 different Owls and Hawks, ranging from a Little Owl, up to the Eagle Owl, and a Harris Hawk too!

It felt so fantastic to have been able to support my fellow stall holders, and to help someone overcome one of their biggest fears. Louise later contacted me to tell me that she now felt able to take on any challenges the future. A truly life changing experience!

We can all choose to live in fear, but by taking one small step forwards, we fundamentally change our outlook on life, and by doing so are able to face new challenges with the knowledge that we can succeed!

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