Welcome to my website!

Well, after many hours spent slaving over a hot computer, the website is finally here!

It might be a bit rough round the edges, but any wrinkles will soon be ironed out, and smooth running will ensue.

Wheel of life?

I had seen the image above and it reminded me of the Wheel of Life.

Now, there are many types of 'wheel', and they can have as many component segments as you like, but a simple starter version contains six parts. Go get a piece of paper and a pen. When you have them, draw a circle, about 10cm in diameter. Draw another circle inside it, about 5cm in diameter. Now divide the space between the circles into six equal segments. If you have done this right, you should have something that looks like a pineapple ring with six segments. Good!

Now write in each segment one of the following:




Personal Growth and Development

Health and Fitness


OK, now lets add something to this 'wheel'. I want you to think about each of these areas in turn. Spend a little time thinking about how satisfied you are with each and every area of your life, right now. Are you happy with where you are? If you could give that level of satisfaction a number out of ten, where 10 is absolutely satisfied, and 1 is not satisfied at all, what would it be? Give the outer circle the value of 10. The point at the very centre of the circles is 0.

Now, on each segment, draw a line at what your satisfaction level is. You could even colour the segment in if you like!

This is now a representation of these areas of your life at this moment in time. It is a good thing to do this exercise on a regular basis, perhaps every six months or so, and see how things might have changed, if at all. You might also see areas in your life where you think you may be lower than you would like. This could be the impetus to make a change in that area.

And you could do another circle, with other areas included, such as Social life, Finances, Sports/Hobbies, and many more, or you could just make your circle bigger and include more segments. The choice is yours.

You may also find that you see a disproportion in the numbers, and that you can make a change to 'even' things out a bit, for example, family might be low, and social life might be high, and you might think that you should spend more time with your loved ones.

The trick here is that no-one is judging you. This is merely a way of bringing things to light for you, now.

Happy wheeling!

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